Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Set Apart Femininity - Chapter 3

~ Sacred Priority ~

Femininity that Captivates the Masculine Heart

Becoming Attractive to the Right Kind of Guy:

When we choose not to participate in the world's way of getting guys: flirting, flaunting, manipulation etc. We put ourselves in a position to be scorned and misunderstood by those of this world.

A set-apart young woman does not seek to win male favor through enhancing her sex appeal or drawing all attention to herself.

"Rather, she builds her life around Jesus Christ. And this requires major sacrifice when it comes to scoring male approval because the purity and righteousness that radiates from a set-apart young woman will not appeal to self-focused, sex-obsessed modern men."

Being disregarded like that can easily make us cringe and return to the world's path. But we have to ask ourselves, what kind of man are we trying to attract? Do we really desire a sex-obsessed modern man? "Or do we want to win the heart of a man who has been captured by Jesus Christ, a guy who sees the priceless value of a woman who shines with His spectacular, radiant loveliness?"

The majority of modern men won't appreciate or honor your purity and your desire to be set-apart. But why would you want a man like that anyway?

Finding the Right Guy:

1. Build your existence around Christ

Jesus Christ must be enough, even if the earthly love story you've always dreamed of never comes your way. Rather than searching for a human love to fill your needs of fulfillment and security - find your security and fulfillment in your romance with the Prince of your soul.

"As beautiful as a God-scripted earthly love story might be, it pales in comparison to the breathtaking romance Jesus Christ desires to have with you, His precious Princess."

2. Be transformed by true beauty

"Rather than seeking after his own popularity or self-gratification, a true warrior-poet is busy pouring out his life for his King. He is not chasing after women. He is following hard after Christ. The best way to find a truly Christ-built man is to stop hunting for one and, instead, pour all of your time and energy into a lily among thorns. Allow Him to transform you with His radiant beauty; the kind of beauty that will ravish the heart of your King and captivate a Christ-built-warrior-poet.

A set-apart existence may not turn the head of a typical American guy, but it will capture the heart of a Christlike man."

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Mary said...

sure wish I knew all this when I was your age -

catherine said...
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catherine said...

Do you have this book? I'd be interested in borrowing it sometime if you do. Just wanted to tell you that I await your posts with anticipation and they are always a delight to read!

Elisa Abele said...

Catherine - I actually borrowed the book from a friend, so I don't own it. I'm sorry, but I'm considering purchasing it, and if I do you're more than welcome to borrow it.
Thank you SO much for your encouragement!! <3