Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pool Party!!

The tree...ah, yes...the tree

Showing off their mad breath-holding-while-laying-under-water skills...


If one is good...four MUST be better...

And the epic battle continues...Hannah: You killed my father! Charity: No, I AM your father.

I call this picture: "The Red Popsicle: Bethany stuffing her face"


We Are...


Mischievous... (you tried to fool us, Charity, with that innocent look)


Yes, quite intelligent...

Psychotic at times...

Weird only on the weekends...oh wait! this was a Tuesday...
Ok, ok, weird ALL the time!!

Sweet as candy... ;-)

Yes, I quite often take pictures of my food...

Hello to YOU... ;-)

Yes, yes, we know we're absolutely FA-bulous!!

Did I mention how intelligent we are??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees....

Yes, I finally got my new Monkees CD!! They are one of my new favorite bands. So awesome. The guys are crazy! I love it!!

Here are some of my favorite music videos:

I'm a Beliver

Daydream Beliver (the lead singer for this song, Davy Jones, is my favorite)

Theme Song

A Little Bit of Me, A little bit of You

Randy Scouse Git

Look Out (here comes tomorrow)

hmm...addiction? or borderline obsession?

Either way, I love The Monkees.