Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Blog

Here's a great blog for ya: The Empowered Traditionalist

Check it out!

Beautiful Verses

I was going through Isaiah and Psalms last night and came across some of my favorite verses.

"O Lord, I am oppressed, be my security." Isaiah 38:14 (when I'm feeling insecure, HE is my security. Well, He should always be my security, but especially when I'm feeling insecure)

"It is You who has kept my soul from the pit of nothingness, For You have cast all my sins behind your back." Isaiah 38:17

"I have called you by name; you are Mine!" Isaiah 43:1 (its not very often that you find exclamation points on a verse like this)

"I am the first and the last, and there is no God besides me." 44:6

"We are the clay, and You are the potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand." 64:8

"O Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; for You have worked wonders, plans formed long ago, with PERFECT faithfulness." 25:1

"Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings." Psalm 17:8

"He makes my feet like hinds' feet and sets me upon my high places." Psalm 18:33

"When he [man] falls, he will no be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the one who holds his hand." 37:24