Thursday, May 21, 2009

random bursts of elisa

I love life - automatic-flush toilets scare me - thunder is one of the best things ever, especially when it's so powerful that the floor shakes - i love the smell of fireworks, especially sparklers - i don't really like animals, yeah, i know that makes me some sort of creep, but it's the truth - without life would be very quiet and gray. music is the color on my canvas. - i like fun-to-say-words, like "squeegee" or "theodolite" (survey tool...) - i love seasonal activities: picking strawberries in the summer, making applesauce in autumn - i have a gigantic mane of light brown curls, of which i hold an ever-changing love/hate relationship - i love alfresco dining - and the smell of sprinklers and wet grass - sitting cozily by a crackling bonfire makes me very happy - i love the stars - and big, heavenly, billowing clouds - i like road trips that include lots of fun stops, and if we stop at a gas station (and i have money...) i will be buying a three course meal of candy, soda and beef jerky - i like good food. if i'm going to have macaroni and cheese, i want homemade delicious cheesiness, not noodles-and-powder-in-a-box - coffee makes me sleepy, really. every afternoon i make myself a cup a'joe to wake myself up, and every afternoon i drink it and fall into a deep, late afternoon slumber - i loooove the beach - i love the smell of honeysuckle - jesus is most definitely my best friend - i have a phobia/adoration of gigantic storms, their power both terrifies and fascinates me - i hate math with utmost passion and think my big brother is crazy for majoring in it at college - i love ambiance - i am too easily charmed - my mom has cultured in me a deep love and enjoyment of beauty in my surroundings - i love spontaneous dance moves - i can't watch scary or violent movies without covering my eyes - i tend to have an immature sense of humor - i get queasy at the sight of blood - my favorite color changes every day, at the moment it's grayish blue - super-quiet people get on my nerves - i tend to be bossy - i love being outside - i love to dance, even though i'm no good at it - i like it when people pay me sweet, sincere compliments - i love to love people and be loved unconditionally - i am not perfect - i like to be crazy - laughing is one of my most favorite things to do in the whole entire world, if you can make me laugh, i like you :) - sunrises are the only reason to wake up early in the morning - sunday is my favorite day - inside jokes are the best - i'm definitely one of those silly girls who bursts out laughing in the middle of complete silence because of something that happened yesterday (or last week...) - i don't really like to talk on the phone - i love walking in the rain - i love to see fog over rolling hills - flowers make me smile - i am uber tall, and wish i was short - my favorite kind of people are those who see me at my craziest/stupidest/bossiest/whatever-ist and love me all the more for it - i need a convertible car, hair blowing in the breeze is the only way to go - music is definitely better when it's loud - i like big sunglasses, but i'm not brave enough to wear them - i care to much about what people think of me - i spend to much time on facebook - i write songs - one of the things i want most in my life is to be utterly, 100% in love with a man who loves me back just as much - one of my dreams is to go skydiving - i want to be good at hard-core extreme sports, but i'm to much of a wimp to learn how - i love to make things beautiful - ...

YOU'RE turn!! I want to see what makes you, YOU! what makes you happy? or sad? or just makes your world go round? comment and let me know!