Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Song of my Life

My life is a song that my Lord is writing,

Through every choice which I make

And each trial that comes my way.

This music that God is composing

Is distinctly unique and beautiful--

Created just for me and perfect in every facet!

This Song of my Life.

My part is not to direct the instruments

Or add my own melody to the piece,

Nor skip from place to place in the song.

But to sing, to live, to savor each note

As it echoes from the will of my Father--

Receiving with joy and thanks His gift:

This Song of my Life.

At times the music will be sad and low

As through tears and pain I tread;

But my hope is in the Composer of this movement.

Breathless, gay, merry notes skip about in joy

When happy times come to me,

And I thank my Composer for the cheerful music--

This Song of my Life.

But oh! Often I am brought from melody

To a measure in my song that has a rest,

And it is hard to allow it the full time.

I long to skip past it and continue the song

Not willing to simply…rest and thus

Make the music that God has chosen for me.

This Song of my Life.

I must not look at other’s songs and grow discontent.

Their music is different for a purpose unknown to me;

But the King of Kings crafts each measure, each line.

Our notes may create a harmony for a time,

Or join in friendship for a lifetime--

Urging upward into new heights

This Song of my Life.

Sometimes I grow lonely singing alone

And I yearn for another to complement my melody--

To sing with me in beauty and unity.

Then my Father tells me that for today

The most perfect music I can make

Is that which is a solo sung for Him.

This Song of my Life.

The days fly by on wings of silk--

This harmony will continue on

As long as God grants me breath to praise Him.

Years pass by in beauty and peace

And until my Savior calls me home

I will sing wholly for Him…

This Song of my Life.

by Natalie Nyquist


Mary said...

Thank you Elisa, that is very encouraging.

catherine said...

Wow!!! That song is so true and uplifting! Thank you for sharing it, Elisa! :)